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Almanack is home to experienced, independent advisors organized into multiple team practices. These practices serve a wide variety of investors, with each offering a unique collection of specializations, focus and expertise. Learn more below to find the team that best meets your needs.

Importance of an Advisor

Studies have shown that working with a financial advisor can improve investor outcomes dramatically, adding value in a host of areas beyond portfolio management.

Devin Cattelan

Austen Delahaye

Almanack Investment Partners

Michael DeQuevedo

Almanack Investment Partners

Clark Gaines

Almanack Family Office

Brendan Gilmore

Almanack Investment Partners

Kevin Harper


Scott Pulsifer

Junto Wealth Management

Kyle Stuckey

Verity Wealth Advisors

Todd Valleau

White Knight Capital

Eric Viavattene

Chris Yoder

Verity Wealth Advisors

IMPORTANCE OF AN ADVISOR: Beyond Portfolio Management

Working with a financial advisor is about more than just investment support. Research has shown advisors can add significant long-term value well in excess of the fee paid to engage one.  Importantly, this value can be created in a wide range of dimensions beyond portfolio optimization. 

An Advisor must demonstrate their ability to effectively act as your wealth manager, financial planner and behavioral coach. Therefore Almanack Advisors practice a diverse set of approaches when guiding clients toward their unique outcomes that define their personal financial success. At the core of an approach is the “plan”, a methodical, unemotional and well researched approach to saving, spending and investing. Our Advisors will work with you to qualify the goals you have set out for your finances and design an achievable pathway for you to achieve them.


“Advisor Alpha” is the unique value a financial advisor creates for investors beyond simply investing their money well.  Depending on an investor’s situation, there can be lots of areas for optimization in the realm of financial planning, tax optimization, discipline and behavior coaching.  Below is a short list of areas that Vanguard concluded could added about 3% to net returns:

  • Cost-effective implementation (i.e. identifying lower cost funds)
  • Rebalancing
  • Behavior coaching
  • Asset location (for tax efficiency)
  • Spending strategy (withdrawal order)
  • Total return versus income investing


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